Youth hostel

This is the official accommodation and we have secured enough beds for everyone.

It’s located in the northern part of Kranj, 15 minute walk to the town center and about 2,5 km from the Gym.


3 beds in 1 room: 42,00 € (3 persons/per night)
2 beds in 1 room: 35,00 € (2 persons/per night)
(toilets and showers are in common use)
1/2 of apartment (2 beds): 42,00 € (2 persons/per night)
whole apartment (4 beds): 75,00 € (4 persons/per night)
(a little kitchen, a shower and a toilet, suitable for families)

Tourist tax (1,15 €/day) is not included in the price. Smoking is not allowed. Hostel guests have a possibility of free parking in the parking lot in front of the building.

Room/bed reservations will go through event registration. You will be asked to fill what type of room you want and who you’ll be staying with. If you travel alone, we will find you a best matching person ;).

Hostel’s website



If you’d like a private accommodation or more sophisticated rooms, you should start looking for it and make a reservation soon as the capacities are quite limited. Some of these places should meet your demands:


18:00 Registration @Klubar

08:30 Breakfast @Gym & late registration


09:45 Net players meeting

10:00 Open singles

13:00 Lunch

14:00 Women’s singles

17:30 Open singles 3rd place



10:00 Freestyle players & Visitors

19:00 Net players & Visitors



21:00 Meet & drink @Mitnica bar (Tavčarjeva ulica 35)

08:30 Breakfast @Gym & late registration


09:45 Freestyle players meeting

10:30 Battles

12:00 Sick3, Request

16:00 Routines



09:45 Net players meeting

10:00 Mixed doubles

10:00 Open doubles

13:00 Lunch @Gym

16:00 Women’s doubles

18:00 Mixed doubles 3rd place

19:00 Open doubles 3rd place



22:00 @Klubar

Freestyle finals:

11:30 Routines

12:30 Battles


Net finals:

13:00 Women’s doubles

14:00 Open singles

15:00 Mixed doubles

16:30 Open doubles


Closing Party:

19:00 @Bazen

Chillout @Bazen



Dijaški dom Kranj

Kidričeva cesta 53


Športna dvorana Planina

Ulica Janeza Puharja 3

Freestyle area:

Planina playground

Ulica Janeza Puharja 3


Glavni trg



Slovenski trg 7

Closing party:


Stara cesta 25a


Dijaški dom Kranj


Športna dvorana Planina

Freestyle area

Planina playground

Glavni Trg



Closing Party



Planina sports hall

Situated on the southeast part of the town it has an easy access, capacity of about 800 people and parking place for 60 vehicles. It’s connected to the primary school and its outdoor sport facilities with running circle, basketball and handball courts. Hall can be divided into three separate divisions with the retractable walls. It’s equipped for sports, recreational and cultural events.



Competitions in SH Planina will take place on Thursday, June 21st and Friday, June 22nd. It will host all the net games till finals. In the case of rain, it will also host all the freestyle games including the finals on Saturday.

Planina playground

Just about 200 metres from the gym, in the heart of the residential area of Kranj, lies the playground with basketball and futsal courts, small climbing wall for kids and street workout park. Freestyle area will be in the smaller court in the middle, surrounded by grass and a lot of trees that’ll make a nice lounge area where one can hide from the sun or just chill.



Competitions on the playground will take place on Friday, June 22nd. It will host all the freestyle qualifiers and probably even a couple net games in the late afternoon. In the case of rain, freestyle competition will be held in the gym.

Main square

The old town of Kranj, historically also named Carnium, Creina, Chreina, or Krainburg, has one of the most spectacular medieval skylines that you’ll likely ever see, with its three distinct church towers and an unreal backdrop of the Slovenian Alps rising up only a few kilometres to the north. There are several shopping centres in Kranj, but the main draw for most tourists and day-trippers is Kranj’s historic centre. Protected as a national cultural monument since 1983, the lively old town boasts a variety of diverse sights, from religious monuments and ethnological museums to modern arts spaces and unique remnants from World War II (the tunnels under the old town Kranj).

Main square (Glavni trg) represents the heart of the old Kranj centre. It’s surrounded by houses which are a vivid memory of the Bourgeoisie Era in Kranj. The reconstructed well from the 18th century stands in the same spot as the original one.


On Thursday, June 21st, the town centre will become a golf court. We’ll move between town’s historic monuments, learn something about it and well, play golf! But Kranj is not just history and arts. No, it’s also a home to A LOT of bars and coffee shops. Legend has it that many brave souls have tried to have a drink in all of them in one evening, but all of them failed. Some spectacularly, others faded gently into that good night. We’re not going to try that, but we will stop in the most interesting ones and have a break from the immense physical and mental pressures that only golf game can provide.

On Saturday, June 23rd, the city centre will host the freestyle and net final matches. On top of that we’re planning a rich side programme with mininet competition for kids and adult kids, football freestyle and Sepak Takraw presentation, all of which will be accompanied by nice music and a lot of visitors. 

!IMPORTANT! We’ve put a lot of energy and time into this, but we finally settled and agreed with the town’s authorities. There will be no rain! 


Bazen (The Pool)

After its recent renovation, the old Kranj pool has become a unique event area with a coffee shop and a multi purpose hall inside the former pool, with the capacity of about 1000 people. It’s situated in the idyllic surroundings of Kranj’s island, surrounded by trees and Sava river. Once you lay down on one of many deckchairs on “the beach” and listen to the river flowing nearby, you’ll feel like you’re on a vacation, far away from all the troubles. Oh, and they also serve the best burgers in town the universe.


After three full days of competition, tight schedules, tough games and that one guy that always gets the best of you, the time has finally come to put everything aside and just PARTY and be happy for the winners, be happy that your knees and ankles are still ok and that you actually survived the Balkans (sort of).

The pool will transform into a big playground with mininet, foursqare and circle areas, accompanied by eclectic music provided by DJs.

Party is an open type, anyone can attend and there is no entrance fee.

Can I kick it? Yes you can!


How to get to Kranj


By plane

Jože Pučnik Airport = Airport Ljubljana = Airport Brnik = Ljubljana Fraport = Airport Kranj

Our main Airport has many names but don’t be confused. If you’re flying to Slovenia it will probably be LJU. It’s located 7,5 km from Kranj. Transportation from Jože Pučnik airport to Kranj is good, except on weekends and holidays.

The bus drives to Kranj every hour during week, it costs only 1,80 € and it takes around 20 min. Sadly, there will be no buses to the airport on Sunday and Monday (June 25th is Slovenain national holiday). Bus timetable

But don’t worry – we’ll make sure to organize shuttle transports to the airport if needed. You will be asked to fill your arrival and departure dates in the registration form, so we’ll be able to help you. Shuttle service

If you’re leaving on Sunday or Monday afternoon, we recommend you take a walk on the wild side and take a bus or a train to our capital city Ljubljana early in the day, do some sightseeing (Ljubljana is small so you don’t need much time) and then take a bus to the airport. Train timetable


Venice Airport, Zagreb Airport, Trieste Airport

You can travel with low-cost airlines (like we usually do) from nearest airports in Italy or Croatia and then take Goopti or FlixBus to get here and back. You can get some amazingly cheap deals from all major cities in Europe.



By train or bus

If you like to travel slowly and you have plenty of time, you should check some good prices for traveling by train from/to Vienna, Munich, Frankfurt, Zurich, Prague …

Traveling by train



If you need any help with transportation you can contact us and we’ll try to help you find the best possible option.

Getting around in Kranj



There are city buses during the day. Daily ticket costs only 1 € and includes an unlimited number of rides in the city for a day it was bought.

Bus lines
Bus timetable



NEW! Taxi Cammeo started to operate in Kranj. It remains the most affordable taxi operator in Slovenia and they work 24/7. You can download the app or call them (0038647771212).

Cammeo app



Kranj is a very small town, so take your time and walk trough the towns centre, visit local shops and walking trail in a 30 metre-deep canyon right below the centre. It will take you roghly 40 minute of easy walking to reach the gym from the hostel.

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